Buffalo Straps

'Art For Your Guitar'


"Because you don't hang a diamond on a shoestring"

About Buffalo Straps

Artist- Kimberlie Gilbertson


I have always been surrounded by musicians. In 2008 I finally decided to take the leap into leather and find a way to bead stones into buffalo.  I need to think in layers to create some of the more complicated straps, but sometimes the most simple design is the most effective. I keep the guitar in mind as the main attraction.

My Straps


Each  guitar strap is hand made from American bison. I love the amazing texture and I custom dye all my hides. I am also able to achieve distressed dyed colors.

I use snakeskin, cowhide and other materials as inlay, or I hand bead gemstones such as amber, turquoise, hematite, coral and jasper. 

All straps are named, numbered and signed.

How to get one


I work with clients near and far, starting with a call or text. I love to have a photo of your guitar and talk over your ideas! Once we have a plan I ask for half down as a deposit.  Prices begin at $300. The process of designing your strap is fun and you can be as involved as you wish, or leave it up to me. Straps can take several weeks to complete depending on design.